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Our Nebula projector is bringing back this tradition with the perfect dinner + movie night in our own home (complete with chocolate covered strawberries, champagne and of course tots and corndogs) 🙌🏼😆

You guys, this thing is awesome! It's just bigger than a lemon and the kids have so much fun watching shows anywhere in the house because it feels like having a big TV in any room! We are super excited to take it camping with us this summer.

UEFA EURO 2020 with a projector at home is so atmospheric. Thanks to @seenebula 😘

I had always dreamt of turning this corner into an outdoor cinema and with a little help from @seenebula we are able to do just that.

Chilly nights in the van call for snacks, cozy drinks & Netflix 🤩

I can’t wait to get our garden done so we can use this outside. The children are in absolute awe, how often do you see a life size Peppa Pig?!

First night of summer with my favorites. ✨ Can’t think of a better way to watch a movie than under the stars thanks to @seenebula projectors.

It beeps and boops when you boot it up, it fits in your pocket, and it projects up to 100 inches. It’s awesome and I’m very excited for it.

We were gifted the Nebula Capsule portable projector by @seenebula and I’ll be honest I really love it. I’d be lying if I said this was just for camping, I’ve used it every night I’ve had it 😂 100% living the dream

So nice to start up our own movie night tradition with the girls, we’ve used the @seenebula Solar Portable projector both outside and inside since we got it a few weeks back

During lockdowns we tried our best to make our home as comfortable as possible and one of the things we wanted to accomplish was to make movie night fun again.

When the sun goes down…🍿🎥 VS. when the sun come up! ☀️🐑🌳

This amazing @seenebula Mars II Pro is a new generation theatre-portable cinema.We can stream all our favourite apps including Netflix, YouTube and more, for a long period of time.