Why Choose a Projector vs. a Flat-Panel TV?

No matter what you watch or where you watch it, the most important question is what are you going to watch it on? Should you get a projector or use a flat-panel TV?

The biggest advantage smart projectors have over LCD TVs is their sheer size. Even a small projector like the Nebula Mars II Pro can put a 150-inch picture on your living room wall, putting you right in the middle of the action, whether it's a superhero battle or the bottom of the ninth in a baseball game. Compared to a 65-inch flat-panel TV--the most popular size today--a 110-inch projector delivers a 186% bigger picture. That's an astounding difference when you want to appreciate the stark attraction of the badlands in Nomadland or the size of the monsters in the latest sci-fi epic.

And projectors are more practical in terms of placement. While you have to wrestle a flat-panel TV to fit it into a room and adjust furniture around it, a projector adjusts to fit your room. Do you want a 90-inch picture? No problem. Still too big? You can make it 78 inches or 68 inches - whatever you want to fit your space.

The portability of projectors is another major benefit. When you want to watch the big game and your partner or your kids want to have friends over for a visit, you don't need to fight over who gets the living room. Just pick up the projector and take it to another room where you can set it up in minutes. Being able to use a projector wherever you want is also great when you don't want to face any judgments. Go ahead and binge-watch that baking show or that creepy Swedish detective series in the privacy of your own bedroom. 

For people who don't want their technology to dominate their living spaces, projectors also offer a distinct advantage. Even as a top-notch 4K home projector, the Nebula Cosmos Max, is only the size of a large hardcover book and weighs less than 4 pounds. On the other hand, a 65-inch flat-panel TV weighs 55 pounds or more and is just a big, blank immovable screen sitting in the room when you're not using it.

Better still, you don't have to compromise on convenience with today's smart projectors. They have all the smarts and streaming features offered on smart flat-panel TVs. With thousands of apps, you can play games on projectors, get movies on demand, and share the latest TikTok memes.

So for most lifestyles, smart projectors offer the best of all video entertainment worlds. Delivering the biggest pictures for immersive movie experiences, they are portable enough to move and watch anywhere. Whether you're with friends and family sharing Youtube videos, or doing some late-night binge-watching in your bedroom, projectors adapt to you.